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They were an incredibly beautiful and erotic pair of lovers about to consummate their passion; the sleek, muscular male black lab aggressively seeking to mount and fuck his bitch and the stunningly gorgeous female offering her naked body to a canine lover.“Ohhhh…” Cassie let out a long sigh quickly followed by several short grunts then began panting in short, fast breaths.

I could see her toes curling and her fists clinching the sheets of the bed.

I moved my mouth down her body planting wet kisses on her tummy and using the vibrator to lead my way to her pussy.

When I reached her sweet, moist vagina I stopped to torment her erect little clitoris with my tongue and the tip of the vibrator.

She’d cry out and go rigid catching her breath in short, erratic gasps when I sucked her little nub into my mouth and gently pinch it between my teeth. I continued gently working the vibrator just inside the entrance of her pussy; slowly moving it in and out her body then delaying at the entrance for a moment before sliding it slightly deeper into her again. I just want to be fucked now.” She said as lowered her head back and whimpered. We had talked some about the night I bound her spread-eagle to our bed and“Did you just say you want Jack to fuck you? I think it’s time I let him do it again.” She said with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye.

I increased the speed of the silver bullet and placed it once again at the entrance to her vagina. Cassie was panting faster and moaning while rocking her hips trying to fuck the vibrator.“You like that, baby? “This way if I play my cards right I get to enjoy two beautiful hard cocks.” Cassie pinched her nipples and circled her tongue around her lips.“When he’s done cumming in me I want you to fuck me so you can feel his nasty doggie cum in your dirty little slut wife” she said with a smile. ”I could hear Jack bounding up the stairs as he made his way to our bedroom.

She was very wet and ready for a good hard fuck.“Come up here, baby. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for rolled over on to her knees with her shoulders on the bed and her butt in the air. When he entered the room his tail was wagging and he began sniffing the air; I’m sure he caught the scent of Cassie’s sex.

I pulled the vibrator away and ran my tongue in a slow, wet circle around her nipple then drew it into my mouth lightly biting her hard nipple between my teeth. “You’re getting me really excited” she said craning her neck to give me a seductive glance.

I positioned the point of the vibrator upward so the tip was stimulating the underside of her clit while I used my other hand to gently pull back the hood to expose her clitoris then using my tongue I licked and kissed her clit from the top.

This position had the added benefit of placing the egg and shaft portions of the vibrator between her moist, swollen lips at the entrance of her vagina.“If you keep that up you’re going to cum” she cried squirming on the bed.“Isn’t that the point?

The tip came to a soft rounded point that could be used to stimulate small areas of her body like her nipples and clitoris.

She also liked to use it as her foreplay toy of choice because its smaller dimensions easily penetrated and excited her while preparing her for more fulfilling stimuli.

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